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Pace of Sunshine
Sunshine, Victoria | 2018
Sitting high on the edge of the quarry, this townhouse development takes full advantage of sweeping city skyline views, while maintaining the scale of a suburban house.

Pace of Sunshine presented a rare architectural opportunity to bridge the established neighbourhood of Sunshine North and the natural bush landscape found in the former basalt quarry site and the Maribyrnong river.

Drawing from the colours of the Australian bush the proposed materiality mixes a variety of earthy toned cladding designed to complement the extensive landscaping proposed throughout. These tones are then paired with contemporary brick feature walls referencing the traditional homes of the surrounding suburbs.

Wrapping around the existing curved edge of the quarry, the layout of the townhouses creates sweeping paths through the site, with the resulting stepping townhouse facades mimicking the geological layers revealed in the quarry rock faces.

Alternating roof forms in combination with the varied material palette creates a strong individual identity for each townhouse. Using restrained architectural means to create articulation throughout the development has resulted in a timeless minimal design aesthetic which compliments its unique and picturesque context.

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