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Wilson Palms
Brighton, Victoria | 2021
Situated in the coveted seaside neighbourhood of Brighton, Wilson Palms skilfully captures the essence of its sunlit surroundings while paying tribute to the area’s historical richness. This architectural endeavour is an embodiment of Brighton’s timeless allure, mingled with the poolside glamour reminiscent of the 1960s modernist era.

Wilson Palms harmoniously blends into its beachside locale through carefully designed architectural features. Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern design principles, the structure showcases clean lines, horizontal orientation, and understated elegance. The use of flat or low-pitched gable roofs with generous overhangs reflects the architectural styles that defined an era.

The façade is a canvas of textures and colours, thoughtfully orchestrated to create depth and visual interest. Concrete blocks and perforated concrete screens not only provide a unique tactile quality but also offer effective shading against direct sunlight. This choice both enhances visual appeal and encourages natural ventilation. Incorporating fluted glazing and brickwork introduces a fluid, linear aspect that contributes to the façade’s captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Bold arched entrances punctuate the building, making a statement that is both inviting and elegant. The use of form breaks in the building’s massing creates a sense of visual rhythm and introduces communal spaces that soften the overall appearance. This strategic approach to design ensures a balanced integration of individual living spaces and shared gathering areas.

Wilson Palms firmly roots itself in the neighbourhood’s character by drawing from the surrounding streetscape and the iconic Brighton beach boxes. This deliberate connection ensures that the development becomes an integral part of the fabric of the community. The architectural dialogue between Wilson Palms and its environment establishes a cohesive relationship that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Beyond its aesthetic finesse, Wilson Palms incorporates sustainable elements that align with modern environmental considerations. By utilizing natural ventilation and employing shading techniques through perforated screens, the development offers an energy-efficient living environment. This commitment to sustainability reflects a forward-thinking approach to design.


Encapsulating two previously separate existing properties on Wilson Street, Brighton, Wilson Palms spans a site area of approximately 1,878-sqm.

The two existing dwellings on the site are to be demolished, to make way for the development of seven boutique townhouses.

The building's maximum height is limited to 9 meters above Natural Ground Level, and it's allowed to have a maximum of 2 storeys.

The front of the building is set back about 9 meters from the street edge, aligning with the rest of the streetscape. The sides of the building are set back between 1 and 5 meters from the edges of the property on the east and west, with an additional setback of 3 meters from the rear of the property, generating ample space for private outdoor areas for each of the homes.

Down the centre of the property, the shape is split to create a pathway. This is where you can find the entrance to each townhouse at the back of the property. This split also makes the building look a bit smaller and less overwhelming.

The form is further broken down from north to south which creates private open spaces to the townhouses and
allow each townhouse to have at least two aspects. This further reduces the visual bulk of the development.

Brick, concrete and white render detail are used to articulate the façade. Simple geometric forms that are defined by the strong horizontal elements that are layered creates a timeless and considered façade. Perforated screens for privacy, shading and security also adds another dimension and articulation.

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