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As a studio, we practise with integrity, mutual respect and transparency. Always professional and accountable, we pursue excellence in everything we do.

Our Leaders

Domenic Cerantonio

As co-founder and managing principal of Cera Stribley, Domenic has specific expertise in concept design and the development of design solutions.

Respected for his sensitivity toward local culture and project context, Domenic’s concise understanding of property is vital to achieving architectural integrity and maintaining commercially viable project outcomes.

Chris Stribley

As a co-founder and managing principal of Cera Stribley, Chris has extensive building knowledge, heading up the co-ordination and documentation of numerous multi-residential, commercial and private residential developments.

Jessica Coulter

As head of interior design at Cera Stribley, specialising in retail, hospitality and residential interior design, Jessica’s strength lies in strategic thinking to develop brand definition through interior identity.

Luan Trinh

As a director at Cera Stribley, Luan is a highly skilled architect with over 15 years experience in delivering large-scale commercial and multi-residential projects.

Darcy Kay

Heading up Cera Stribley's Brisbane studio, Darcy is a senior architect with a broad background spanning multi-residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality typologies.

Sarah Wardlaw

As a senior associate architect at Cera Stribley, Sarah is not only dedicated to design and managing a strong team but also to completing high level documentation. Her background in high-end residential projects has made her a fastidious detailer and she oversees the detail design and documentation process with a keen and experienced eye.

Meredith Fisher

As general manager for Cera Stribley, Meredith has led the charge on many aspects of the team’s operations through the exponential growth of the practice, formulating progressive policies for the business including generous Paid Parental Leave Policy. She has been instrumental in the cultivation of Cera Stribley's workplace culture, which is founded upon principles of inclusivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

Kat Lethbridge

As operations manager for Cera Stribley, Kat is instrumental in the smooth running of the business day-to-day, while also championing the strategic growth of the practice.

Adam Gordon / Ainhoa Rafael / Alexandra Righi / Alice Charles / Andrew Pomery / Bec DiNapoli / Becca Chan / Brayden Mason / Caitlin Nicholas / Candice Nguyen / Chris Stribley / Cindy Chen / Damien Metzer / Darcy Kay / Darren Parisella / Danielle Souto / Danny Tong / Dom Cerantonio / Elisa Lai Sang / Emilie Evans / Felipe Ballaben / Gemma Fortini / Grace Flood / Hanah Wexler / Hugh Michelmore / Jacquelyn Mangubat / James Eyres / Jason Tam / Jessica Coulter / Jillian Fuller / Jonathan Davis / Juan Hernandes-Flores / Juncheng Hu / Justine Lo / Kate Hatherley / Kat Lethbridge / Kat McDonald / Kerry Fraser / Leah Tausan / Lily Woodward / Luan Trinh / Manuela Millan / Marina Zmi / Mary (Huimin) Xu / Matt Hainsworth / Matthew Hegedus / Melanie Ting / Melissa Beel / Meng Leong / Meredith Fisher / Miranda Keogh / Neo (Hun Lin) / Owen Fisher / Paul Ritter / Penelope Gibson / Phuong Nguyen / Plinio Bernal / Queenie (Hiu Ching) Chu / Rita Yang / Samantha Estrada / Sarah Wardlaw / Sarita Mistry / Sasha Edwards / Shaun Dickson / Slaven Busatlija / Stephen Herbst / Steve Woo / Tasha Handoko / Tamika Anderson / Thomas Martiniello / Tyron Nohr / Vicki Wilson / Wennie Lin / Zamanah Moslih

We are always interested to meet like-minded, talented and passionate people. If you’re passionate about crafting a better space and would like to make your mark by creating meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives, we’d like to hear from you.


Senior Architect

Are you a seasoned architectural designer, who knows BADS like the back of your hand? Do you possess an exceptional design skillset, strong leadership qualities, and an aptitude for working in both REVIT and Rhino? Then we might just have the job for you!

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Design Architect (Mid Level)

Are you a Design Architect with at least 5 years of post-graduate experience under your belt? Does your portfolio showcase compelling examples of multi-residential and/or commercial design? We're currently seeking a Mid-Level Design Architect who specialises in multi-residential design.

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Senior Interior Designer

Are you an exceptional Interior Designer with 8-10 years post-graduate experience? Do you thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment, working across diverse typologies? We're looking for a Senior Interior Designer with the skills to lead a team and manage multiple projects on the go.

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Graduate Program

We don’t subscribe to the notion of having a sole creative genius. Fresh blood keeps our spirit young and our ideas progressive – which is why nurturing graduate architects and emerging designers is core to our DNA. Our graduate program is designed to do just that.

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