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Great Success! We Helped Raise $42k For Grassroots Causes

Last Thursday evening was nothing short of spectacular as we hosted a record-breaking crowdfunding event in collaboration with 10×10. The night was filled with energy and generosity, resulting in a whopping $42k raised for three deserving grassroots Social Purpose Organisations: Wilya Janta, Bridge It, and FoodFilled.

In Australia, an overwhelming 94% of charitable donations go to the largest 10% of charities, and 98% of government funding supports large or extra-large charities. This leaves smaller, early-stage organisations like Wilya Janta, Bridge It, and FoodFilled struggling for funds and recognition. 10×10 bridges this gap by connecting impactful Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) with supportive communities through dynamic events.

Hearing the powerful stories of these organisations and their community impact was both humbling and inspiring. The experience of organising and participating in this event was equally fun and fulfilling.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and to our amazing clients, collaborators, friends, and acquaintances who made this event a roaring success. The event may be over, but you can still contribute by visiting and purchasing a ’10×10 Mix a Dozen.’ For every case sold, $80 will be donated to 10×10.

Special thanks to:

Feathertop Winery, Amber Brewery, Roll’d, and Forge Studio
for the delicious beverages, food, and generous donations.

Space Furniture, Living Edge, Grazia & Co., Winning Appliances, V-ZUG, E-E-Studio, Bang & Olufsen, Cobild, Harmony Fine Foods, Ticati, Morris Hospitality, Derek Swalwell, Schiavello, Ozdare, HealthLab, Amanda Johnston, Luxury Escapes, Alex Hotel, and Diamond District
– for the incredible auction items and raffle prizes.

Dom Cerantonio, Antoinette Sagaria, Sam Goodard, and Kristine Jacinto
– for their respective roles in keeping the night fun. 

Jeremy Dukes, Meredith Fisher, Ella Rae, Olivia Aberle, Kristine Jacinto, Kieron Hewitt, Rosalind Hyde, Ann Kaddour, Michele Renshaw, Caroline Geoghegan, and Callum Sowden
for their collective effort in organising such an amazing event.

And last but certainly not least, Illan Samuel
for introducing us to this wonderful initiative.

Cheers to making a difference, one event at a time!

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