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Introducing Pavilion House

We’re thrilled to unveil one of our current private residential design projects, Pavilion House.

Designed by Cera Stribley for a private client who frequently entertains, the house is a contemporary interpretation of refined living in which the residents’ formal and informal lives harmoniously co-exist.

Taking inspiration from classical cloister and peristyle architecture, the design explores the potential between solid and void; public and private; indoor and outdoor; formal and informal.

The outcome is a series of rectangular volumes juxtaposed by a series of courtyards and programmed to grow in intimacy the further one gets from the formal spaces toward the front of the house.

Panoramic views open out to a milieu of landscaped gardens and courtyards, complete with a private tennis court and putting green, resulting in a grand yet well-grounded home.

As robust as it is timeless, the material palette throughout both the interiors and exteriors resonates deeply with notions of design for longevity.

Find out more about the project here.

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