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409 Clayton Road
Clayton, Victoria | 2022
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    Domenic Cerantonio, Kate Hatherley, Andrew Pomery, Owen Fisher, Slaven Busatilja

In the gentle dance of wind over time-worn landscapes, 409 Clayton Road quietly emerges as a tribute to the delicate balance between history, geography, and modern design. Building upon the overlooked potential of its predecessor, this project transforms a structure once disconnected from its surroundings into a serene reflection of Melbourne’s ancient Sandbelt.

Inspired by the natural ebb and flow of bunkers, fairways, and rolling hills shaped by years gone by, our design thoughtfully weaves the essence of the locale into every curve and contour. Softened edges, modular terraces, and a respectful nod to history converge to create a residence that resonates with the spirit of the Clayton community.

Against a backdrop of sleek glazing, our design introduces subtle, delicate forms, with modular terraces embracing soft landscaping. The result is an architecture that exudes warmth and invites residents to engage gently with their environment.

Comprising 144 apartments and 2346sqm of retail/office space across 17 stories, the project seamlessly blends residential and commercial spaces, fostering a sense of community without fanfare.

Guided by biophilic design principles, the design seeks to deepen future residents’ connection with nature. From lush greenery to ample natural light and water features, the design aims to enhance air quality, reduce stress, and promote well-being.

The rich industrial history of Clayton is acknowledged through the integration of architectural materials reflecting post-war urbanization, Art Deco, and contemporary educational institutions. Once a hub for manufacturing, Clayton’s resilience is celebrated as it evolves into a centre for innovation and research.

Our design pays homage to Clayton’s growth, mirroring the diverse building forms and features that define its local streets. This contemporary approach to apartment living reflects the innovative spirit of Clayton’s current areas and institutions.

Through thoughtful design and contextual integration, we have created a space that provides shelter while fostering a sense of belonging and connection to the rich history and natural beauty that define Clayton, without the need for grandiosity.

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