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Camberwell House
Camberwell, Victoria | 2022
Situated in the heart of Camberwell Junction, Camberwell House is a love letter to the locale’s storied past and a bold step into its vibrant future. Inspired by the area’s pivotal role in the early 20th-century expansion of Melbourne’s railway and trade network, this design is a tribute to the industrial roots that have shaped this remarkable suburb.

Named after a humble corrugated iron pit stop, Camberwell has always been a place of industrious spirit and resilience. Here, bricks thudded under the hands of labourers, and steel tram tracks were wedged into place, laying the groundwork for a commercial powerhouse that still thrives today. The echoes of this industrious past linger in the streetscapes, and it is this legacy that Camberwell House seeks to honour.

Our design embraces the rich tapestry of Camberwell’s history. The stacked brown bricks are a nod to The Rivoli, a cherished local icon. Stainless steel bands reflect the tramlines that criss-cross the junction, while off-form concrete celebrates the marks of manufacturing that are integral to the area’s character. These materials, chosen with care and respect, root the building firmly in its context, creating a seamless blend of history and modernity.

Camberwell House stands tall and proud along Burke Road, yet its presence is thoughtfully modulated. As the building ascends, significant setbacks soften its impact, transitioning from the robust brickwork to lush terraces adorned with cascading greenery. The chamfered edges and interplay of light and shadow across the lighter off-form concrete bring a sense of elegance and lightness to the structure.

At street level, Camberwell House engages with its surroundings through a dynamic, double-height façade. Arches punctuate Burke Road with a playful rhythm, while a generous canopy offers a welcoming shelter. The addition of retail spaces at the ground floor not only enhances the building’s functionality but also provides a vibrant amenity for local office workers and the broader community.

Camberwell House is more than just a building; it is a celebration of Camberwell’s enduring spirit and a commitment to its future. It is designed to stand the test of time, much like the tram tracks and brickwork that have defined this suburb for over a century. We are proud to contribute to Camberwell’s legacy with a building that embodies both strength and beauty, ready to serve and inspire for generations to come.

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