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Chadstone Carpark
Chadstone, Victoria | 2020
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    Luan Trinh, Emily Cheang, Brandon Chew, Yean Tan

The new and improved Car Park A at Chadstone Shopping Centre takes a quotidian piece of commercial infrastructure and renders it into an exemplar of public art.

Anodised steel fins articulate the façade in a captivating display of artistic and architectural glory. Effortlessly wistful and masterfully executed, the artwork captures the light as it changes with every hour of every day, interfacing gracefully with the surrounding public milieu.

In addition to its external facelift, the car park renovation improves visitor experience while diverting traffic away from Chadstone Road and enhancing the circulation of this bustling locale.

As an architectural typology, car parks are conventionally utilitarian and bland, often leaving much to be desired in the way of public interface. Conceived by artist Matthew Johnson in collaboration with Jackson Clements Burrows and executed by Cera Stribley, the new and improved Car Park A at Chadstone Shopping Centre belies this archetype, giving the car park the allure of a sculptural artwork.

Voluminous pleats create forms that mimic nature; the crinkles of a petal, the sweep of a canyon, the billowing cumulus clouds that are ever evolving overhead.

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