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Indie Spa
Aireys Inlet, Victoria | 2022
Indie Spa takes the perennially popular mid-century aesthetic, and reinterprets it with a contemporary edge, bringing something entirely new to the wellness arena.

Indie Spa was always intent on being ‘not your typical spa experience’. Our client owns and manages a range of getaway destinations – from high-end resorts to quaint motels – along the Great Ocean Road. With Indie Spa, they wanted to bring something vibrant, fun, and whimsical to their wellness offering at Sunnymead Hotel, in Aireys Inlet.

As a design typology, wellness spaces typically idealise subdued palettes and a minimalist aesthetic. In the case of Indie Spa, however, we wanted to steer clear of this common approach to wellness design, and curate a wellness space that is delightfully different. We wanted a design that embraced curves, colour and an invigorating spirit.

The Spa exists within Sunnymead Hotel, which is characterised by a modern, mid-century aesthetic (think Palm Springs-esque). We drew on these inspirations to curate a spa environment fitting of its context. Colour filled rooms, playful forms and layered materiality create an experience that is nostalgic yet fresh.

What was once a sombre residence – home to the former hotel manager – has been transformed into a unique space. The original bedrooms are now treatment rooms, while the lounge remains a lounge (but with an Indie touch). Complete with a Rasul and bathhouse, Indie Spa is uniquely suited to shared experiences.

The considered and contemporary palette of burnt oranges and mustard yellows juxtaposed by eucalypt greens and powdery blues injects a sense of energy and excitement to the space. This vibrant palette is complemented by playful forms, such as curved details and the asymmetric reception desk, that further bring the whimsical atmosphere to life.

Throughout the specification process, particular consideration was given to products and materials sourced from local suppliers with reputations for sustainable manufacturing, such as Sussex Taps, Earp Bros, and Nood Co, among others.

Photography by Damien Kook

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