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The Provedore Café
Nagambie, Victoria | 2023
The Provedore café at Mitchelton Estate is a space curated around the concept hospitability; with every detail thoughtfully selected to create a space that feels authentic, grounded, and down-to-earth.

Mitchelton Estate is a winery with a history steeped in design prestige. Plans for the winery, cellar door, and the now-iconic tower were originally designed by Robin Boyd, just prior to the renowned architect’s untimely death, in 1971. Picking up where Boyd left off, another esteemed 20th-century architect, Ted Ashton, brought the project to fruition in 1974.

Later, when the estate was purchased by Gerry Ryan, in 2011, the businessman and hospitality mogul sought to continue the tradition while adding to the winery’s offering, engaging Hecker Guthrie to design a boutique hotel and day spa to complete the picturesque destination in 2018. Fast-forward to 2023, Ryan engaged Cera Stribley to reinvigorate the Estate’s ‘The Provedore’ cafe.

The design ethos was underpinned by the desire to cultivate a space that is unpretentious, family-centric, and down-to-earth. We set about building on Mitchelton Estate’s well-established offerings, to create a new, family-oriented experience, and bring to life a space that feels authentic, welcoming, and warm.

Curated around the concept of authenticity, The Provedore is a place of community, cuisine, and contentment. The materiality is textural and layered; the palette, authentic and grounded; the details, earthy and relaxed.

Photography by Pier Carthew

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