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Thinkerbell HQ
Richmond, Victoria | 2019
The fit-out of this office space in the heart of Richmond was both conceived and delivered in collaboration with the tenants, creative agency Thinkerbell.

Three floors up in notable heritage icon, the Australian Knitting Mill, the 600 sqm tenancy has been converted to not only celebrate original details like spotted gum timber floors, but also interrupt fresh white interiors with Thinkerbell’s corporate colours of hot pink and acid green. To maximise the buildings amazing city skyline views and the streaming sunlight throughout the day the office design was centred around an open, functional and fun fit-out to take advantage of these drawcards.

The agency’s logo is derived from a playful amalgamation between Auguste Rodin’s Thinking Man and movie character Tinkerbell, and is formed in neon at the entry. Two huge bluestone boulders sit below, a nod to the history of the Richmond area and of course the stone that Rodin’s sculpture sits upon.

Following a path of ironic ‘office grey’ carpet, you move beneath the woven canopy of coloured string; another thoughtful nod to the buildings past use. Passing meetings rooms and shared workspace, you arrive at the monolithic reception and kitchen/bar bench which is an impressive bespoke resin design by artist Tina Alesi.

The office design is driven by the whimsical, with spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration. Brainstorming booths are seemingly suspended from the ceiling, original Ansett chairs sit in reception spaces, a faceted mirror wall creates an optical illusion, custom decal graphics identity spaces pictorially and workstations ready for employees to cook up their magic are set up like labs.

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