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Northcote, Victoria | 2018
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    Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley, Karen Voelske, Kate Hatherley, Daphne Spanos

Merripark is derived from a desire to a create a sophisticated modern form while using restrained articulations and material associations to reference the neighbourhood character of the immediate area of Northcote.

Traditional materiality inspired by the surrounding context is integrated into the design, using classic red bricks and a pitched roof façade. This established architectural language, allows Merripark to sit comfortably in its streetscape, while the contemporary detailing denotes a level of modern refinement which finds itself at home in this historical, culturally diverse neighbourhood.

The importance of integrating the landscape within the design, and creating front entries to each townhouse creates a clear articulation in the overall form, enabling each owner to strongly connect with their home.

Merripark balances the heritage and industrial history of its context, with the contemporary requirements of living, redefining multi-residential architecture within an ever-evolving landscape.

The existing site of 627sqm contains a double and single storey dwelling in an un renovated condition. One cross over exists on site off Summer Avenue. Demolish existing single storey dwelling and clear landscaping.

Site envelope is realised with 3 storey residential building footprint, with a single basement.

A 11m height limit has been set and is split into three levels and is restricted to this at any cross section of the site.

Setbacks to the Northern boundary create Private Open Space for the townhouses. This setback also protects the site from overlooking and increases the internal amenity.

A setback to St Georges Road is introduced to create areas of significant landscaping and to fit with the neighbouring character.

The top floor is setback to create a recessive upper level which is articulated separately from the lower form of the building. These setbacks reduce the visual bulk of the building.

The building mass is separated into six townhouses, allowing three levels for each townhouse.

The final articulation and detailing are proposed with a roof terrace. Red brick, vertical metal cladding, render and warm timber are the prevailing materials.

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