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When creating something new, we all draw from our unique memories and diverse experiences. Collaborating with passionate professionals, partners and clients, our collective insights enable us to push boundaries, exploring ideas beyond the norm.

Preservation v Progress: Has our planning system got its priorities all wrong?

Ideas | Apr 2024

Cera Stribley’s Head of Houses, Sarah Wardlaw considers what neighbourhood character and heritage preservation mean amidst the housing crisis.

Andy Dinan on the art of placemaking

Culture | Ideas | May 2023

Writer Tiffany Jade talks to Andy Dinan, Director of MARS Gallery and ADA Consulting, about the art of placemaking, and how public art can add power to planning proposals.

Has heritage listing gone too far?

Ideas | Apr 2023

As architects, we have a duty to respond to the needs of the present day, while being respectful of the past and considerate of the future. But what if our nostalgia for the past is keeping us from duly serving the needs of the present and the future?

Better Apartment Design Standards – An Architect’s Perspective

Ideas | Mar 2023

I often talk about the need to ‘see in 3D’ being a quintessential skill for architects. Prior to the advent of 3D computing, this is how great architects considered and designed space.

How AI can, and will, change the face of architecture

Ideas | Feb 2023

The integration of AI into the world of architecture marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the industry. While AI presents a wealth of opportunities for architects, it also presents a host of challenges that must be met with equal measure of caution and ambition.

The new wave of experiential retail design

Ideas | Jan 2023

Cera Stribley’s head of interior design, Jessica Coulter, shares her thoughts on what’s driving the new wave of experiential retail design, and how brands and businesses ought to respond.

What architecture can do about housing affordability

Ideas | Oct 2022

Domenic Cerantonio shares his perspective on how overly restrictive planning controls are thwarting the private sector’s ability to do something about housing affordability.

Envisioning the adaptive reuse of Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall

Ideas | Sep 2022

Once ranked the most liveable metropolis in the world for seven years straight, recent times and Draconian lockdown measures have seen Melbourne suffer a fall from grace. Cera Stribley proposes new hospitality precinct to drive economic revitalisation of Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall.

How our homes have changed: residential interior design trends

Ideas | Sep 2022

Cera Stribley’s Head of Interior Design, Jessica Coulter, discusses the design ideas currently being explored by the Cera Stribley team in residential design.

Where are the Big Ideas?

Ideas | Sep 2022

‘Australia 2030, Prosperity through Innovation’, conceived of in November 2017, was designed as a ‘plan for Australia to thrive in the global innovation race’. How far we’ve strayed in five years.

Is this the beginning of the end for urbanisation?

Ideas | Sep 2020

Cera Stribley co-founder, Domenic Cerantonio, discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the future of workplaces, decentralisation, and the seismic shift in the relationship between work and home.