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Kew, Victoria | 2020
Hartwood is a set of five generous apartments, designed to match its coveted location in verdant Kew.

The building fronts the street with the feeling of a singular residence, a sleek gable roofed, brick façade and a recessive black shadowed linear terrace structure beside it. Nathan Burkett has cleverly designed gardens to envelop the building and spill over the terrace and driveway entrance to the carpark below. The apartments each have their own subtle characters, all accessed from a glazed foyer.

Using shades of natural timbers for the interior flooring and joinery complimented by light stone and bespoke tiles, each apartment importantly feels individual in its’ own right, with the added opportunity for owners to stamp each with their own personality. Designing the interiors alongside the architecture ensures a true continuity between the spatial experience and how the building facilitates and accommodates its respective owners.

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