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OUR Projects

We design buildings intelligently for the future, celebrating the unique cultural, historical and environmental context of each project.

Tapestry House
Toorak, Victoria

Interior Design Residential | 2022

Douglas House
Toorak, Victoria

Residential | 2022

Maple House
Malvern, Victoria

Residential | 2019

Hideaway House

Interior Design Residential | 2019

Tectonic House
Toorak, Victoria

Residential | 2019

Bayside House

Residential | 2018

Sorrento House
Sorrento, Victoria

Residential | 2018

Toorak House
Toorak, Victoria

Residential | 2017

Pavilion House
Toorak, Victoria

Interior Design Residential | 2021

Rosedale House
Glen Iris, Victoria

Interior Design Residential | 2018

Project Location Country Year Type
Tapestry House Tapestry House Toorak, Victoria Australia 2022 Interior Design, Residential
Douglas House Douglas House Toorak, Victoria Australia 2022 Residential
Maple House Maple House Malvern, Victoria Australia 2019 Residential
Hideaway House Hideaway House Melbourne Australia 2019 Interior Design, Residential
Tectonic House Tectonic House Toorak, Victoria Australia 2019 Residential
Bayside House Bayside House Melbourne Australia 2018 Residential
Sorrento House Sorrento House Sorrento, Victoria Australia 2018 Residential
Toorak House Toorak House Toorak, Victoria Australia 2017 Residential
Pavilion House Pavilion House Toorak, Victoria Australia 2021 Interior Design, Residential
Westbourne Cottage Prahran, Victoria Australia 2020 Residential
St Vincent Place Albert Park, Victoria Australia 2020 Residential
Rosedale House Rosedale House Glen Iris, Victoria Australia 2018 Interior Design, Residential